I’ve extensively studied and come to understand the 3 greats: Moe Norman, Ben Hogan, and Lee Trevino.  I have come to understand the common denominators of the different swing types and how it can apply to you.  Each person has a unique swing and there is no one universal system that I will try to “fix” you with.  That just doesn’t work.  I can teach your swing system according to your goals.  I can keep it simple, or I can teach you at the highest level according to your wishes.

Lee Trevino had just won the United States Open, and now I am playing with him in the featured group. It turns out that Lee had the lead at the 14th hole, but I was just one shot back. The wind was howling from right to left. I lined up at the right trap….READ KEN’S STORY



Ken’s ability as a teacher is outstanding and delivered results. I started as an 8 handicap(which I have been at for the last 15 years). Looks like my scores are dropping around 7 shots this year.

Tim Flaherty



  • Q.  What kind of facility do you teach at?
    A.  The Jewel is one of the top courses in MN and has a full short game and driving range.  We have the ability to work on all assets of your game.
  • Q.  I heard you taught Natural Golf.   Are you going to teach me the Natural Golf system?
    A.   I don’t believe in applying one system to everybody.  I understand the principles of the 3 great swings: Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino, and Moe Norman and will apply whatever fits YOUR swing.
  • Q. How far is the Jewel from the Twin Cities?
    A. Just a quick hour scenic drive from the metro area.

Ken mentored me as I was playing competitively as a junior.  The knowledge he shared and the education propelled me to understand my swing better than I ever imagined.  Ken taught me the knowledge and tools I needed to maximize my own swing.

-Cordie Walker